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REVIEW | The Unguided "Lust and Loathing" English version

"Lust and Loathing"

- 2016 -
Death Metal Mélodique
01. Enraged
02. The Worst Day (Revisited)
03. King Of Clubs
04. Heartseeker
05. Photobs Grip
06. Black Eyed Angel
07. Operation: E.A.E.
08. Boneyard
09. Hate (And Other Triumphs)
10. Mercy (bonus track)
11. Judgment (bonus track)
12. Betrayer Of The Code (live)

As announced in october on their official Youtube channel , the swedish melodic death metal band TheUnguided composed of 3 former members of Sonic Syndicate (The Sjunnesson brothers, Richard andRoger ), Henric Carlsson and Richard Schill finally materialized their album trilogy on which they've beenworking on for nearly 6 years. After the release of Hell Frost in 2011 and Fragile Immortality in 2014, Lustand Loathing punctuates the rise of a band that used to live, in its early days, in the shadow of the formerone that provided its 3 members, Sonic Syndicate. If the latter is still in business, let's say brilliantly, TheUnguided has imposed its own mark in the death metal world remaining faithful to the musical roots ofboth its members and the typical Swedish metal scene.

In October and November 2015, the Swedish posted a series of YouTube vlogs revealing somemouthwatering artistic progress details of the new album making. The album is finally released on February26th, including a release in Japan, fond of the Scandinavians' music. Pre-sales are a success, especially asthey include a CD and a limited edition official tee-shirt. Lust and Loathing begins in media res with a'Enraged' enraged as necessary. If they don't take any risks with this introducing track, they successfullylured the trained ear of metal lovers. With its quite typical swedish metal background, 'Engaged' soundmixes nordic inspirations while leaving a prominent place to the melody. Then here comes 'The Worst Day',probably the best album track and real treasure! Finely crafted, it combines delicious way of pushingsynthetic touches and ultra-low power without neglecting the overpowering vocal accompaniment. If 'Kingsof Clubs ' continues in the same brilliant verve, ' Heartseeker' is the sign of discontinuity in the album that lets us breathe and note how much the album is well structured, breaking possible monotony you can experience here and there while listening to some other metal bands' albums. ' Heartseeker ' is not nervousbut not a full-fledged ballad either, just a tasty mixture of death and melodic. We return to the basics with'Phobos Grip' that increases in power the whole atmosphere. If ' Heartseeker' marked a small bridge in thealbum, 'Black Eyed Angel' is the one that makes the total junction between the first part and the secondpart of Lust and Loathing . Following the smooth beginning, the track then reveals its vocal and atmosphericdynamics. The title may recall 'Green Eyed Demon' Hell Frost yet it turns out to be even stronger. 'Hate (andOther Triumphs)' that follows 'Operation E.A.E.' and 'Boneyard' is a vocal beauty and sounds like the albumballad. The overall quality of the track brings out The Unguided of its usual trails, which is rather pleasing.'Hate' shows us that the Swedes can do much more than produce a few guitar riffs, violent cries and endswith notes to give us goosebumps. 'Mercy'? Do not rely on it, the title is merciless and gets on its nervous bases. This bonus track recalls some reminiscence of Sonic Syndicate's Denied for its energetic drums' rhythm, yet with more violence. After concluding on 'Judgment', another bonus track, the band decided to show all its strengths with a live 'Betrayer of the Code' live version. With the coming live concerts in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, they'll be many to see them asone of the best Swedish melodic death metal bands in activity and the future of Swedish metal. In an interview they gave us, Richard wanted to share his impressions of the Lust and Loathing experience from the inside :

The concept have been in the making since The Unguided was just in its infancy more than 5 years ago now. When we formed the band, we had a vision to do a trilogy of albums, and they were to be all connected with a lyrical concept and thematic artworks. “Lust and Loathing” is the climax of that dream of sort and the end of the story. The story itself is really a metaphoric projection of whathappened in my life and musical carrier during a time window of roughly a decade. Mostly inregards to the success of Sonic Syndicate, how it started, how it came to be, and how it ended. It’sall portrayed in the story and characters in the story is vaguely based on human relations duringthis time. It’s a constant fight in what you believe in really, and partly a love story. You can find allthe juicy details in the booklet of the album.

More than just progressing on center stage with a thunderous album, The Unguided deliver a range oftracks that can make nothing but good sound live. As the Swedes wished to mark their territory with a lastpiece of this puzzle trilogy, it seems they actually went further beyond that. Successful bet!

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