lundi 27 février 2017

REVIEW | Red Queen "Star Blood" English version

RED QUEEN – Star Blood (2016)
Industrial nu metal


3.Star Ruby
6.Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Bonus Digital Track)

Shortly after announcing it on the social networks associated with the band and its two main members, DEMONA MORTISS becomes RED QUEEN. In 2009, DEMONA MORTISS was born in Los Angeles. As a result of the collaboration of Elena Vladi (vocals) and Patrick Crisci (guitar and arrangement), the band is progressively known with the songs 'Asyphyx', 'Inverted Heaven' and 'Lost'. If a range of industrial nu metal fans quickly tie themselves to the Californian band's electrifying sounds, it is finally under the new RED QUEEN, acquired in 2015, that they announce the official release of the very first album called Star Blood (2016). This one includes some of the tracks already known to the public such as 'Asyphyx', 'Insidious' and 'Star Ruby'. The bet is quite daring since the album includes only six tracks. It notably reveals the fabulous 'Naked', shortly released before Star Blood, in digital version, and especially 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me' the only CD bonus track. The album's reception is positive, especially with the very first aficionados of the former DEMONA MORTISS, but does not guarantee in any way a proper tour. Much more than other alternative groups from the industrial scene, RED QUEEN is musically breathtaking. Dark and captivating, the voice of Elena Vladi easily blends with the sound arrangements made by Crisci who mastered with brilliance the alternation of clear vocals and screamos. The album then starts its journey with 'Asyphyx', as if to recall where the group comes from and to give a wink to the RQ's famous first aficionados. Star Blood then opens the door to 'Naked' that reveals the evolution of the band. Although the musical quality of RED QUEEN definitely matured since its debut under its first denomination, the duo fiercely remains faithful to its roots and style. 'The Star Ruby' explores a much more melodic facet of the industrial band, based on a deliciously balanced alternation of dark, violent, heartbreaking and obscure sequences. The track takes on a greater melancholy, a more subtle suffering, satisfying the listener's longing for more Gothic sounds. Difficult, however, not to include the excellent 'Insidious' to the album's range. As a true hymn for the band,the track perfectly combines powerful riffs and massive drums, loaded with saturated vibrations to complete the vocal mastery of an Elena Vladi at her best on a song that carries anxiety, madness and revenge at its peak. More pronounced than on all the other tracks, the rhythm and the vocal composition are the magisterium of sincerity and fervor. 'Alchemy' conveys, on the other hand, the devotion and ecstasy of the more vaporous and smoky ambiance. The ear is intoxicated, the senses are sublimated. It is definitely on this note that the album comes to an end, with the more rock n' roll ' Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me' offered as a bonus. Without pretension, Star Blood succedeed in ravishing our appetite. After almost two years of relative silence, DEMONA MORTISS now known as RED QUEEN surprised us in the heaviest way possible. Short but dazzling, concise but striking, Star Blood is a foretaste of the delights RED QUEEN will keep giving us in a future closer than we might expect. Indeed, Patrick Crisci reveals, on February 21st, the band's return to the studio and unveils his first live impressions from Las Vegas, Nevada. More importantly, it could be the best tracks produced by the duo and the promising start of a promotional tour including concerts in the US. European dates to be expected? Needless to say that, if so, we would not complain about it.

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