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REVIEW | NYXX "Nightmare" English version

NYXX - Nightmare (2016)
Goth Pop


1. Diabolical
2. Nightmare
3. Blindsided
4. Noose
5. Waiting

Founding her is almost a matter of fate. NYXX is definitely not the kind of artists you easily bump into without reason. On a lucky day, you can and it would always be a good reason. Mixing EBM and glamourous sounds, NYXX did right by borrowing the Goddess of Night's name. Just like the original Nyxx, she delightfully blends glitter and industrial destruction, dark and light, joy and despair. An idea she summarizes herself in the 'goth pop' concept. A Professional photographer by day, she turns into a goddess of exalting dark sound by night. In april 2016, she releases her debut EP called Nightmare that consists in 6 tracks.

As you start the journey with Diabolical, you enter her world, an intriguing place where the sexy meets the devil. The loud basses perfectly blend with the kind of obsessive ton of the track that deliciously sounds like a sweet revenge. Nothing is a surprise, NYXX has something to say, a message to deliver. Maybe more ? Nightmare might display a catchier sound, it actually the perfect response to the first track. If Diabolical introduced us to the EP concept, NYXX shows her more aggressive side in Nightmare.

 ' I was your black sheep baby – Now I'm dressed to kill ' 

NYXX seems to have some matters to settle with life. Nightmare actually delivers a visceral fury that the industrial and destructive even disruptive catchy sound recreate. The overdrive-saturated rhythm serves the dangerous folly. The track comes to its end with a radiophonic featuring that recalls The End. Yet the end of what ? A turning point ? Probably as we surprisingly enter a drastically different universe with Blindsided. More pop and electro, the track witnesses another NYXX. More nostalgic yet brighter , the electronic ton serves the expression of her life eventful (sometimes joyful) steps while the slower part, very evasive almost cosmic, understate her regrets and the changes she finally accepted.

 'I guess we all learn eventually
 To bury the fondest memory' 

As the track goes on, she seems to mature. The departure she evokes is finally the final touch she needed to move on and build another version of herself. The track finally ends on the mysterious slow motion and the former brighter attitude vanishes for a 'I can't breathe'. Although the final words of Blindsided might go unnoticed for many, they actually introduce Noose that arrives just after Waiting, and the feeling that some disillusions made her darker and darker. The ear is absolutely captivated even bewildered by the destructured nature of Noose's sound. Much more industrial, sounding like a good old NINE INCH NAILS, As soon as the beat goes on, this is the kind of feeling you get when you feel dizzy. Trapped between oddness and hysteria, moaning some cathartic vagues ideas before Noose abruptly ends, cutting you off your inner shadowy in-depth discussions with yourself. But let's talk about Waiting for a moment. Waiting, opens a new door and a new perspective to this whole journey. Basically different from the other tracks, it is an actual ballad that sounds a kind of Irish traditional countryside ballad. NYXX's voice is at its finest, resonating as if she was alone in her world, self-reflecting what she has done until now. The track is pretty short, lasting only 1,27 mns and actually sounding like an outro of an interlude rather than a typical song. The actual material is then quite adventurous yet her singing is really distinctive and mesmerizing. If she is singing in acapella, without any intruments to back her, the feeling that emerges is exquisite yet also poignant and confusing. Wicked is finally the last track. Sounding much more like a hard rock song, it reveals that she is back to her inner self. Dark and disruptive. Has she eventually found herself? The EP closes on an uneasy touch and lets us now that she still has an unfinished business and matters to deal with. With a provocative sentivity, she creates a nexus between her own journey and life itself that is eventually depicted as an eternal unfinished business. Yes, Nightmare the EP does not end on a typical closure. It hypnotized you, ensorcelled you, magnetized you to eventually ends on the opening of the new universe, a new perspective to discover. After all, it is just as mysterious as its creator herself.

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