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INTERVIEW | NYXX English version


If this era champions the mainstream source of culture and music, some bands or artists still prove that the most impulsive form of art can be found in the shadowiest places. In this category, NYXX excels. Dark, glamourous, disruptive, endearing, mysterious, she is the perfect display of human complexity. Born in Connecticut yet moving around and always on the road during her earliest years, she basically turns into a fantastic visual artist, displaying a passion for photography. She then establishes herself in Los Angeles, the City of Angels where she collaborates with Daniel Armand before being introduced to Daniel Graves of AESTHETIC PERFECTION. In 2016, she finally releases her first EP called Nightmare and conquers people's spirit with the MV of Nightmare, one of the catchiest tracks of the album. Deliciously addictive, Nightmare is just the mere representation of the entire opus that is nothing less but a jewel.

Nyxx, can you introduce yourself a little bit for the ones who are not familiar with your face? 
Hi! Hello! My name is Nyxx. Well, let’s see… I was born in Connecticut, but raised in Rhode Island, settling in Los Angeles 7 years ago. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a singer. I have videos of me serenading my infant brother with freestyled songs. I performed in talent shows; singing original songs and choreographing dances. I later went to art school for fine art photography. Currently, for my dayjob(s) I film video and design for a clothing company called Blackcraft Cult and bartend at night. 

You alluded, in the past, to your struggle with anxiety and the kind of frustration of such big cities like Los Angeles. Can you explain that statement? And what does still attract you in L.A. then? 
It has taken me a while to fully understand and even like Los Angeles. A few years ago, I was having a lot of anxiety, deeply depressed, and feeling inadequate. I learned that my stress was caused by fear. I was concerned with what everyone thought of my process, how much I was doing and what I was creating. I was trying to control every minute detail to avoid failure. Letting go has given me a tremendous about of freedom, both musically and personally. Also, I find time to spend outside of the city and away from people and cement. 

I suppose that anxiety, depression and city life are a big part of your musical inspiration then .. Do you write all the lyrics yourself? Are you an entire self-made singer/composer? 
Oh most definitely. I do write the lyrics myself. Although, some songs have been worked on with others. I wouldn’t say I’m self-made. I have learned a great amount from friends and peers. I have taken vocal lessons as well, which changed my voice and confidence as a singer. 

The first thing that strikes when someone listens to your EP called Nightmare is the inescapable impression of personal aspect of each track. Can you summarize in one sentence by song the meaning of each track? 
Nightmare - I was hurt and bitter about an ex and this was my release of the anger I held for him. (Do run-on sentences count?) Diabolical - This was a nod to those who have undermined and underestimated me. Noose - I can’t lie. This is just a sexy track! Ha! Blindsided - This one is pretty straightforward: about being blindsided by the end of a relationship.

In Nightmare MV, you are dressed like a demoniac schoolgirl. Is it a wink with your own adolescence ? What kind of girl were you when you were in highschool? 
For the video, I wanted something that seemed seductive on the surface, but “beneath” was something more sinister. A succubus, so to speak. That song is about a relationship that when it ended, I was furious and needed to take back control. I was strange in high school, but looking back, I think in the best way. I was harassed and teased endlessly. I didn’t have or fit into a specific group of friends. I think these things made me a stronger person.

The track Waiting is absolutely different from the previous tracks. It actually sounds like a traditional solo ballad. Quite unpredictable and original for such an album. Why this choice? What was the message behind this song? 
I actually ended up discontinuing that track on the EP as of recently. It is just too different. However, I liked that it was so starkly different. Kind of like the Alanis Morissette song “Your House.” I really loved the challenge of forcing myself to vulnerable and share my voice acapella. It was included on the EP more for me to push myself, than anything. 

Nightmare the EP also sounds like the pinnacle of a time spent in a kind of chrysalis. Have you experienced a turning point recently? A turning point that made you the way you are today ? 
It’s so wonderful you say that because I feel it definitely was! Going through the depression felt more like a gestation period. It took a long time to drag myself out of that hole, but I am so thankful that I went through it. I emerged a fully formed person; confident in myself, my life, and the direction I am headed. 

Since you alluded to your newfound happiness earlier, should we expect a kind of brighter next EP from you?  
This has actually been an active concern on my brain lately! I've been seeing comments on my old video that they hope I don't go "soft." I find my best work comes when it's organic and I'm not "trying." I imagine it will be a tad lighter lyrically because I write so personally, but I'm just a creepy person, so that factor will definitely be there!

You also invested herself in the creation of your own clothing line. Can you talk to us a bit more about it ? 
I have always made clothes, drew croquis, and wanted to do fashion design or fashion photography. It just sadly, fell below a few other passions in line for career paths. I started Nacht Clothing, designing pool floats, making leather jewelry, and other “goth” accessories. It was just an outlet for all the ideas I’ve got rolling around. I ended up working with Blackcraft Cult to manifest my pool float designs. They will be released soon! It brings a little tear to my eye! I would like to continue with Nacht in the future, but music is the focus now. 

You were currently touring in some european countries with your friends of AESTHETIC PERFECTION. How was it ? Have you been well-received by the audience that did not know you? 
I was invited to open for a few of the AP Germany shows. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I had planned to apply for festivals for next spring, so playing Germany a whole year earlier was amazing! All audiences take a little while to warm up to unfamiliar acts. That’s just people in general. However, with a little convincing… AKA me harassing them… I can usually get a smirk or shimmy out of even the grumpiest of spectators. I’m just too damn goofy. There’s been a few times where they just canNOT be bothered and they let you KNOW they aren’t digging it. It sucks, but not everyone is going to love you. 

What are your main plans for the close future? Another MV and/or EP maybe ? 
Both! I really want new music out! I am currently planning my next music video, slotted to film and release within the next month. I am also writing for the next EP! At last but not least ..

We could not avoid this question, sorry .. Do you plan to come to Paris soon?
I would love to come to Paris! I have yet to visit! Hopefully I can next spring! 

It would be marvelous to see you coming here !

© Demona Lauren

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