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REVIEW | Helalyn Flowers "White Me In / Black Me Out" English version

Helalyn Flowers - White Me In/Black Me Out (201)
Dark Gothic Electro

01. Before the Sunshine
02. Collide
03. White Me In, Black Me Out
04. Tribes of the Future
05. Alkaline Twins
06. Electric Night
07. Rid of Me
08. Shake
09. Utopia
10. High-Tech Medusa
11. Lost in Translation

We would sometimes like to recall that Italy has more jewels than LACUNA COIL. Yet many Italian metal or industrial groups are still struggling to make a name for themselves at an international level. This can be the case of HELALYN FLOWERS which, to the surprise of everyone, is not unknown to the dark electro scene colleagues though. Thanks to its collaborations with ANGELSPIT, ALIEN VAMPIRES or BLUTENGEL, the dark combo composed of Noemi Aurora (vocals) and Maxx (guitars) gradually made a name for itself among the others thanks to the winning combination of industrial gothic vibes and vocal mastery, worthy of a Shirley Manson or Cristina Scabbia. If we were to make a quick portrait of the band's debut, we would obviously not overlook their huge popularity on Myspace and Vampirefreaks after the release of the singles E-Race Generation and Voices that promoted the duo to the front of the dark scene and arouse all curiosity and even the interest of the greatest media like Orkus or Sonic Seducer. Alfa Matrix, the renowned label of AYRIA, UNTER NULL, FREAKANGEL or FRONT eventually welcomes them soon after and launches their album entitled A Voluntary Coincidence. Since then, the Italian enjoyed the opportunity to share the stage with artists like EMILIE AUTUMN, DAS ICH or even GOTHMINISTER. On May 17, 2013, Aurora and Maxx finally release the album White Me In/ Black Me Out, probably their best and darkest to date. And, that's probably why we can not neglect it ...

The dark electro tones of Before The Sunshine sound from the entrance. The combination of clear sounds and electric guitars announce the very synthpop tone of the dark and industrial atmosphere of guitars and vocals. Collide nevertheless darkens the album's genre while keeping a relatively high rhythm that recalls the creations of AYRIA without the tortured candy style. The third title, White Me In, Black Me Out, is the one that gives the name to the full album. We then should expect it to summarize the atmosphere of the whole album. More aerial, the track nevertheless remains very focused on this combination of gothic vocal quality as well on melodious industrial electro background. Ironically, we would even go so far as to say that the combo relies on surprising tones let's say dance pop sounds. Tribes of the Future, for its part, is a track that starts in an original way, inspired by cinematography and even apocalyptic scenery, and which sounds more industrial than the previous ones. The background melody would have made a wink to the most rock n' roll titles of Mister Manson. Nevertheless, Noemi Aurora's voices distance the title from what has already been done and honors the album with a quite interesting song, rich in power. Added to the whole, a handful of heavier guitars that add a more metal or hard rock aspect. Alkaline Twins starts with a more glam dark electro, in the manner of RED QUEEN. Smokier before applying a more toxic attitude, the tone is also quite sensual thanks to Aurora's more voracious vocal technique within each verse. Electric Night is the logical sequel. Interestingly, its dark electro comes to be in synergy with pop dance electro vintage sounds of the 80s. The bridge is different since it demonstrates more vampiric and futuristic colors. A winning combination. The rhythm of Rid of Me is more jerky, more irregular for a track that finally speeds in the middle, always in a very vintage way. HELALYN FLOWERS is definitely a singular band. Shake is a high-rhythmed song but still mysterious. THE CURE and GARBAGE would have loved it More than a title, it nevertheless sounds like a voice of the ground-floor, namely like an interlude. Anyway, Shake has everything needed to consist in a track in his own right. Very different from the rest of the album, only by its composition, Utopia is a funny mixture of phantasmagoric melody and lyricism that might recall WITHIN TEMPTATION. It is probably one of the finest tracks as well. With Hi-Tech Medusa, we have a more dark alternate dubbed futurepop track. Lost in Translation, which closes the album, might start with very rhythmic notes like DEPECHE MODE, yet remains very dark. Similar to the whole album, it transgresses the barriers of musical genres and experiences different stylistic categories. Yes, we can really say that HELALYN FLOWERS is curious!

Demona Lauren
For VerdamMnis Magazine

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